Our Leadership Team

Our Board of Directors are elected by our membership to two-year terms at our Annual Meeting usually held in conjunction with our Annual Reunion. Half are elected each year. 

Following the Reunion, the Board, including the newly elected members, meets to elect a president, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Membership Secretary from among the current BOD members. 

The currently elected members of the board, and appointed members*, officers and support team are: 

John R. "Jack" Hack, President 

Don't know who to contact? Click here

James "Jim" Humphries, Vice President

 In addition to backing up Jack, Jim is Chair of our Scholarship Committee

Diane Quinn Tillery,
Membership Secretary

Contact Diane to join or change your status.

Jonathan Heiderich, Treasurer*

Contact Jonathan about dues payment status or other payments to us for merchandise or  budget  questions.

Dr. Victor Kennedy PHD

Contact Vic for Prayers, Counseling, Concerns or illness or death.

Bob Disinger,
Newsletter Editor 

and Immediate Past President. Send stories and photos to him.

Karl Plitt, Board Member and Museum

Contact for M.C.J.L.E,M.

Suzanne Beam BOD Member


Dino Pignataro BOD Member


PalmerWilson, BOD Member

I retired as a lieutenant in October 1994 as the Director of the Office of Staff Inspections.  More

Kim Clements,
BOD Member


P. J. Clay, BOD Member

 PJ worked at ECC  32 years, as a dispatcher, trainer, and supervisor.  Read more.

Joyce Torchinsky

Recording Secretary


Read about Natalie

Sean Renauer, Webmaster

Contact Sean for any website issues

MCPAA Tags* - not on B.O.D.

Gerry Adcock is our current MCPAA Tags person. If you live in Maryland and are a member, you can contact him to obtain special license plates with our logo. Contact Gerry. 

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